Eat This: Butter Cake from Wards Pastry

Wards Pastry, located at 730 Asbury Avenue in Ocean City, has been turning out delectable, freshly-made baked goods since the 1920’s. With its inviting interior of antique cookie jars lining the shelves and a welcoming, hardworking staff, the bakery is a popular daily stop for those craving sweets and breakfast treats. One of my favorites? The sinfully-rich butter cake.

The butter cake of present-day Wards Pastry is a recipe which appears to have changed little in the past decades, which is a welcome aspect. Why mess with perfection, right? Each bite of this sweet and gooey-iced butter-laden cake is a memorable and indulgent experience, prompting you to put out of your mind the fact that this decadent dessert is by no means a dietary item. With that said, it’s one which you have to try, even if it’s just a small slice!

Butter cake not your cup of tea? No worries, as Wards Pastry offers a wide array of other items, including made-from-scratch donuts, cakes, cookies, rolls, and their famous scrapple pie.


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