Try This: Order Your Lunch from Beach Bucket Lunch

Spending the day at the beach is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy time in Ocean City, New Jersey. But, let’s face it. Most of us head down to the beach with more than a beach towel and sunblock in hand. There are large carts to drag, boogie boards to carry and a plethora of beach toys to bring along for a day of fun in the sun. Want to forego thinking about lunch to haul to the beach as well? Beach Bucket Lunch has you covered!

Beach Bucket Lunch is a meal delivery service where you can order a tasty lunch from Blitz’s Market and the Beach Bucket Lunch team will deliver your culinary goods directly to you, beachside. Ordering is easy as can be. Review the menu options online via your phone, select a sandwich and drink of choice, which will come with a bag of chips and a Tastykake Krimpet, and each meal will be delivered directly to your beach location in a beach-themed reusable container…a beach bucket along with a shovel!

When placing an order for the first time, review the quick 25-second tutorial as to how to fill out the address/contact info form, to ensure that your beach lunch finds its way to you with ease.

Whether spending the day at the beach with the family and working up an appetite or protecting the beaches of Ocean City as a member of the Ocean City Beach Patrol and finding yourself in need of a delicious delivered lunch, Beach Bucket Lunch is an excellent option! Note: They also deliver to homes and offices in Ocean City.



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