8 Must-Have Items from Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus, an intriguing gem of a boutique located at 813 Asbury Avenue in Ocean City, offers unique items, ranging from handmade crystal earrings to sensational-smelling soaps to zen-inspired clothing. Here are eight items you need to buy from Blue Lotus this summer:

Round Beach Towels

Blue Lotus just received a new stock delivery of their ever-popular round beach towels. Choose from a number of eye-catching designs and colors. And, if you stop in during Fourth of July week, you’ll be able to grab a 25% discount on this sure-to-go-quickly item.

Glycerin and Goat’s Milk Soaps

The shop also offers a wide array of glycerin and goat’s milk soaps, from fruit-laden scented offerings to those with a clean, fresh scent. The selection is so extensive, you’ll have a hard time picking just one type of soap at Blue Lotus.

Wave Rings

A popular beach-themed jewelry item right now is the wave ring. Hand-shaped to form a wave, these sterling silver rings are a must-purchase accessory item.

Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry

In addition to the wave rings, Blue Lotus sells eye-catching crystal and gemstone jewelry. From earrings to necklaces, you’ll find beautiful items to wear. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, many choose these jewelry pieces for their healing attributes as well.

Colorful and Fun Motif Beach Bags

Left your beach bag at home or are currently seeking a new beach bag to add to your collection? Blue Lotus carries a number of beach bags featuring colorful and fun motifs. Choose from designs such as cactus, hibiscus flowers, mermaids and more, and you’ll find that you have a bag which is not only useful, but beautiful to look at, too!

Lace Bib Detail Dress

The lace bib detail dress features a flowy, cool fabric with lace detailing around the front and shoulders. This comfortable and attractive dress can be given a casual look or more formal flair, depending on your activities for the day.

Lemon and Lavender Body Care Products

Blue Lotus sells a wide variety of body care products, including the soaps mentioned above. One scent which is a lovely combination is the lemon and lavender. The lemon and lavender body care products come in the form of soap, moisturizer and sugar scrub, to name a few.

Floral Print Shirts, Shorts and Dresses

Floral prints are high in demand these days, especially at the shore. Blue Lotus answers the call with plentiful floral design clothing offerings, including shirts, shorts, dresses and more!

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