5 Healthy and Delicious Meal Spots to Try in Ocean City

It’s summertime, which means it’s that bikini and board shorts time of year. Fortunately, Ocean City is a town which is lucky enough to have healthy dining spots in both the downtown and boardwalk locations. Here are five healthy and delicious dining options to get you started on your search for healthy eats in Ocean City:

Bungalow Bowls

Healthy ingredient-filled bowls and smoothies are quite popular these days, and for an excellent reason. Not only do these nutritious meal options taste good, but they’re good for you, too! At Bungalow Bowls, located at 1054 Asbury Avenue, the staff will prepare bowls filled with a wide array of ingredients, resulting in a nutritious, delectable meal or snack option. Some of the ingredients which are included in these Bungalow Bowl creations include acai, granola, plentiful fruit options, decadent drizzles (try the Nutella drizzle!) and more. Check out the menu and grab a Bungalow Bowl item ASAP.

The Farm Stand at 14th

A new boardwalk eatery recently opened in Ocean City and The Farm Stand at 14th, in addition to being a new spot to try in general, is also a location offering up healthy eats. Located below Bob’s Grill at 14th Street and Boardwalk, The Farm Stand at 14th serves up vegan and vegetarian fare, along with some meat options for those craving non-vegetarian fare. From veggie burgers to vegan crab cake sandwiches to tomato burrata, healthy items are on point at this boardwalk eatery.

Soma Café

Those craving a healthy meal in Ocean City should add Soma Café at 825 Asbury Avenue to their list. From the feta toast concoction, featuring feta cheese, almond butter and local honey atop organic whole grain toast, to homemade coconut carrot ginger soup, Soma Café ensures that the items on the menu are both original and healthy, all at the same time! Take a peek at some of their menu items via the Soma Café Facebook page.

Playa Bowls

When walking the boardwalk and finding yourself craving a healthy snack, Playa Bowls at 744 Boardwalk offers an ideal option. Acai, pitaya and banana are some of the bowls which await you at Playa Bowls. Add in the unique poke bowl offerings, with options such as tuna, salmon and more, and it’s easy to see that Playa Bowls sells items which are not only good for their nutritious attributes but for the overall deliciousness factor, too!

Heart Beet Kitchen

At 801 8th Street, Heart Beet Kitchen serves up healthy fare for diners seeking vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. This spot is perfect for those individuals who follow a veggie-based diet and also for those who are eager to dine at an eatery which offers up unforgettable flavorful dishes. Try the crispy ‘chicken’ sandwich (which is actually a vegetarian tofu offering), the Heart Beet Burger, made with black beans and quinoa, refreshing smoothies, decadent desserts and more.

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