OC Eatery Offers An Extensive Menu Featuring Contemporary Coastal Cuisine

Situated at 506 9th Street, on one of the main thoroughfares heading onto the island, is OC Eatery.

This multi-faceted eatery recently celebrated its first anniversary and has been serving up delicious fare of a wide variety since opening its doors a year ago. Hungry visitors and locals can head to OC Eatery for any meal of the day and will be treated to made-to-order culinary offerings with a contemporary coastal cuisine theme.

Chef Michael Giampa creates breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings which are sure to appeal to a wide array of tastes while adding a creative culinary touch to each dish. When stopping in for a bite to eat, dining guests will find extraordinary menu items, including the specialty waffle of the day; bomb breakfast burrito, filled with eggs, bacon, cheese and red beans; buttermilk pancakes; sweet corn crab soup; deviled egg sampler with truffle, smoky bacon and chipotle options; mahi mahi tacos; house burger; seared scallops bowl; and, Asian BBQ pork bowl, to name a few options. OC Eatery also offers sashimi hand rolls for those craving some refreshing sashimi to enjoy.

And, be sure to bring the kids along to OC Eatery as this popular dining spot offers an extensive kid’s menu, with options such as a cheeseburger, seared chicken plate, seared salmon, grilled cheese and more filling the menu suited for the younger crowd.

Whether you wake up craving a breakfast out in Ocean City or are looking for a lunch or dinner spot which presents a lot of different cuisine offerings, all expertly made, OC Eatery is a spot to visit!

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