Ta-Dah: Five Locations Featuring An Extensive Selection of Women’s Clothing and Accessories

Clothing store options span the length of Asbury Avenue in Ocean City, offering up options for men, women and kids. Ta-Dah, a local clothing shop in Ocean City, offers five locations of women’s clothing and accessories on Asbury Ave. You read that right. Five!

Each store is tailored to fit a certain theme, with the shops at the following locations featuring unique offerings at each one:

  • 925 Asbury Avenue: Juniors
  • 952 Asbury Avenue: Accessories
  • 1026 Asbury Avenue: Cotton Wear
  • 1038 Asbury Avenue: Cruise Wear
  • 1040 Asbury Avenue: Contemporary


No matter which Ta-Dah store fits your shopping style, at each shop you’ll find eye-catching and affordable clothing and jewelry items, which are perfect for any occasion, from a lazy day at the beach to an evening out on the town.

Not sure which outfit suits you best or looking for a certain size? Just ask the helpful staff members at any of the Ta-Dah locations and they’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

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