Barefoot Market: Scones, Coffee, Sandwiches and More!

Located at 214 West Avenue in a lovely building surrounded by bountiful blooms is Barefoot Market.

Although known for its extraordinary, daily-made scones of delicious varieties, Barefoot Market, which opens at 6:30 a.m. daily, offers more than just breakfast items. Even though you may happen upon Barefoot Market for a flavorful chocolate chip toffee scone, or one of another daily variety, along with your cup of La Colombe coffee, you’ll find yourself taking a break from the beach to return to Barefoot Market for a lunch bite as well.

Some of the additional offerings you may find gracing the menu at Barefoot Market include the following: freshly-prepared gazpacho; salami, tomato and arugula sandwich; herb goat cheese, fig and caramelized onion sandwich; and, daily quiche offerings, to name a few options.

Barefoot Market also operates with an environmentally-responsible theme in mind and encourages this by offering products to help preserve the environment, such as the stainless steel reusable straws and cleaners which they sell.

In addition, Barefoot Market is also home to the weekly pop-ups of Magpie Pizza, which is offered at the Market from 4–9 p.m., Thursdays through Saturdays. These expertly-crafted pizzas are 11 x 15 inches and come in the original, sausage and tomato (vegan) variety. But, only a limited number of these pizza pies are available during those nights and must be ordered in advance online.

Stop into Barefoot Market today for breakfast, lunch or both! And, be sure to reserve your pizza from Magpie Pizza this week.


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