Boardwalk Bites: Crunchik’n

The Ocean City boardwalk is filled with delicious dining options and boardwalk bites. One spot which offers dining options ranging from light snacks to full meals is Crunchik’n.

Located at 1348 Boardwalk, Crunchik’n specializes in Korean fried chicken, but that is only part of the extensive menu at this boardwalk eatery. In addition to Korean fried chicken, served in a variety of flavor sauces including honey soy, honey soy spicy, sweet chili, sweet chili spicy and their weekly special sauce, Crunchik’n also offers tacos, rice bowls, dumplings and sandwiches, along with sensational sides, such as French fries, sweet potato fries, kimchi cheese fries and more!

In addition to ordering single items off of the menu, you can also choose from a variety of beach boxes and party boxes, perfect for when you are feeding a large family or hosting a picnic, barbecue or other type of gathering at your house.

For beverage options, be sure to try the bubble tea at Crunchik’n, available in black milk tea, taro, pineapple, white peach and other flavors.

If you’re in town and can’t make it up to the boardwalk for one or more of these Crunchik’n delicacies, never fear, as Crunchik’n delivers and will bring the tasty culinary offerings straight to your door, if you live between 1st and 34th Streets (certain minimum purchase amounts apply for delivery service).

Head up to the boardwalk and see why Crunchik’n is a popular spot for hungry vacationers and locals in Ocean City.

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