Boardwalk Bites: Sweet Treats to Try on the Ocean City Boardwalk

The Ocean City boardwalk is a mecca for sweet treat seekers. From freshly-made caramel corn to soft-serve ice cream, there’s very little that you won’t find in the way of decadent desserts along the boardwalk. Here are a few items you’ll come across as you peruse the boardwalk sweets options and an idea as to some of the shops which provide these delicious menu items:

Caramel Popcorn

Caramel popcorn is a big seller on the Ocean City boardwalk. The one spot to be sure to try? Johnson’s Popcorn. With locations at 1360 Boardwalk, 828 Boardwalk and 660 Boardwalk, just one taste of the caramel popcorn (with our without nuts!) will show you exactly why this iconic shop has been around since 1940.

Frozen Custard

Another popular boardwalk food offering to try as you enjoy a day or evening stroll is frozen custard. This cool culinary delight, available in cones or bowls, will make your time on the boardwalk even more enjoyable. Kohr Bros. is a popular spot to visit for your favorite frozen custard items and you can choose from a number of locations along the Ocean City boardwalk, including Wonderland Pier at 6th Street, 664 Boardwalk, 820 Boardwalk, 986 Boardwalk and 1140 Boardwalk.

Water Ice

For those seeking out something cool and refreshing, yet a little less creamy, water ice is an excellent option to find on the Ocean City boardwalk. Choose from a variety of flavors, from chocolate to cherry to watermelon and beyond. You’ll come across various vendors selling water ice as one of their menu items, but if you want to visit a spot where water ice reigns supreme, TLC’s Polish Water Ice, with locations at 830 Boardwalk and 1068 Boardwalk, is a good place to start.

Salt Water Taffy, Fudge and Additional Candy Offerings

Salt water taffy and fudge are great snacks to enjoy right then and there or to take home from your vacation as edible souvenirs or to hand out to friends and family members who may be craving a taste of the shore. Many shops on the boardwalk offer these items and/or other candy treats, including Shriver’s, Fralinger’s, Steel’s, JiLLy’s Candy Factory and more.

These are just a few of the fabulous spots which serve sweet culinary offerings along the Ocean City boardwalk. Have a favorite spot which you simply have to visit on the Ocean City boardwalk whenever possible? Feel free to share it in the comment section below!


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