5 Reasons to Stop Into Positively 4th Street Café Today

Ocean City has some of the most unique and enticing eateries in South Jersey. These are spots which are run by local business owners, not chain restaurants, and boast personalized features and are what the “dine local” sentiment is all about. Positively 4th Street Café, located below the Laurel Bay Inn at 400 Atlantic Avenue, is a prime example of this type of restaurant, which not only has a local vibe but offers a welcoming spot to grab breakfast, lunch and more dining options throughout the day.

Here are five reasons, in particular, to pop into Positively 4th Street Café today:

Creative Coffee Concoctions

There’s no better way to start the day than with a robust cup of hot or iced coffee. Positively 4th Street Café offers an extensive coffee selection ranging from espresso to enticing lattes to your basic cup of joe. In addition to coffee options, beverage seekers can enjoy tea offerings and smoothies, too. Looking for a way to keep your beverage hot or cold? Purchase a Positively 4th Street Hydro Flask which will help you to do both!

Freshly-Prepared Baked Goods and All-Day Breakfast

In addition to starting your day off right with a handcrafted latte, you’ll love the all-day breakfast menu and tempting baked goods which await you at Positively 4th Street. Some of the items you may find on any given day at the café include muffins, scones, sweet breads, homemade granola, steel-cut oatmeal, egg panini sandwiches and more.

Rotating Menu of Daily Lunch Selections

Before you head off to the beach, stop by Positively 4th Street for a quick bite to eat at the café or throw it in your cooler to take with you and enjoy on the beach as you watch the waves come in. The menu changes daily, providing an easy way to explore new sandwich choices and keep your lunch routine new and exciting. Some items which have graced the lunch menu at Positively 4th Street include the following: Positively 4th Street’s signature chicken salad, featuring chicken, mild curry, dried cranberries, apples and nuts; gourmet hot dogs laden with creative toppings or au naturel; chipotle sweet potato soup; turkey burger with lavender caramelized onions; three cheese and sundried tomato panini; and, much more!

Welcoming Décor Featuring Artwork for Purchase

As you sit at the café, you’ll find the walls adorned with creative pieces of artwork. Not only do these items provide lovely aesthetics to Positively 4th Street Café, but they are also potential purchase pieces for your home. The artists and artwork change continually throughout the year, so there’s always something new to feast your eyes upon on the walls of the café.

Open Mic Nights and Other Events

Throughout the year, Positively 4th Street is a place to go for open mic nights and other fun events, some of which have a philanthropic, fundraising theme to them. It’s a great place to gather with others for an engaging night out in Ocean City.



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