Shop Local for Musical Instruments, Accessories and More at GrassRoots Music Store

Ocean City is a locale with a welcome local vibe, from the restaurants to the clothing boutiques and beyond. This local aspect is one of the reasons why tourists and residents embrace the many offerings of the area and frequently visit Ocean City for vacation and choose to settle down on the barrier island. One such locally-owned shop is the GrassRoots Music Store, situated at 1045 Asbury Avenue.

Conveniently located in the downtown area, you don’t have to worry about leaving the island for all of your desired musical instruments and accessories, plus you’ll be supporting a locally-owned shop when you purchase products there. Some of the items you’ll find adorning the walls of the GrassRoots Music Store include acoustic guitars, electric guitars, ukuleles, bass guitars and more. For your instrumental accessory needs, GrassRoots Music Store offers strings, cables for guitars, microphones and speakers, guitar straps, guitar picks and additional necessities.

GrassRoots Interior Vinyls

The music shop is also your go-to destination for music lessons, for those who wish to play an instrument or hone their musical skills. In addition, GrassRoots Music Store contains a recording studio for bands and individuals who want to record some songs to promote their music.

As well as offering instruments for sale, GrassRoots Music Store sells vinyl records, for those craving the intriguing sounds which vinyls produce.

Visit GrassRoots Music Store today and explore the many products which this inviting local music shop offers.

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