Wards Pastry: Offering Decadent Morning Treats Since the 1920’s

As Wards Pastry was highlighted on OCNJ Happenings earlier this summer for its delicious butter cake offerings, this sweet treat is not all that the popular downtown bakery is known for when it comes to delectable morning culinary items.

Wards Pastry cookie jars

Wards Pastry at 730 Asbury Avenue, with its lovely collection of antique cookie jars and vintage ticket dispenser set high upon the front counter, has been serving up enticing pastries, cookies, breads, cakes and more since the 1920’s. In addition to the indulgent butter cake, which is a known favorite amongst customers, Wards Pastry offers plenty of other freshly-prepared items to give your day a spectacular start.

Early each morning, the Wards Pastry staff starts baking a wide array of items, so that the doors can be opened to waiting guests promptly at 7 a.m. The crowds rush in to order up their favorite donuts, fried cinnamon buns, Danish and more. In addition to enjoying the breakfast treats right away, many customers stock up on their Wards Pastry supplies for later in the day or to bring home to family members eagerly awaiting the breakfast options which Wards Pastry offers.

Wards Pastry Danish

Don’t miss out on visiting this much-appreciated old fashioned bakery which has been a culinary staple in Ocean City for many years.

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