Why You Need to Book a Stay at Pavilion Motor Lodge This Year

Ocean City is a wonderful place to both visit and live. For those who are vacationing in Ocean City, lodging options are plentiful throughout town, from house rentals to motels to bed and breakfast options. If you find yourself looking for a place to stay which has all of the comforts of home and more, Pavilion Motor Lodge is an excellent place to book for a few nights or the week.

Here are a few reasons to select Pavilion Motor Lodge as your lodging destination of choice:


The Pavilion Motor Lodge is situated in an extremely convenient spot, located on the beach block of 8th Street at 801 Atlantic Avenue. When you stay at the Pavilion Motor Lodge you are in close proximity, not only to the beach, but to the boardwalk as well. Once you park at the Pavilion Motor Lodge, you’ll find that walking to and from food, shopping and entertainment options is easily achievable.

Attractive and Comfortable Accommodations

When you open the door to your room at the Pavilion Motor Lodge, you’ll find a vacation rental filled with attractive and comfortable features. Choose from regular rooms, suites and apartments, depending on your length of stay and number of guests.

Welcoming Staff

The Pavilion Motor Lodge receives rave reviews about its welcoming and helpful staff. As customer service and hospitality make a vacation stay truly enjoyable, these attributes are highly desirable.

On-Site Pool

Although the ocean is close by, having an on-site pool is still an extremely welcome aspect, which the Pavilion Motor Lodge provides. Wake up in the morning and take a dip in the pool or spend a few hours lounging outside of your room, taking intermittent swims and then heading to the beach for some sand-filled fun. An on-site pool is a highly coveted vacation stay offering which the Pavilion Motor Lodge offers. The pool hours are from 9 a.m.–9 p.m. daily.

Additional Niceties to Make Your Stay Spectacular

Some other niceties which are offered at the Pavilion Motor Lodge include fresh popcorn daily for your snacking needs, mini-fridges in every room, free wi-fi, onsite family-friendly restaurant and so much more!

Visit the Pavilion Motor Lodge website and book your upcoming Ocean City vacation today!


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