Fisherman’s Cove Offers Unique Beach-Themed Finds

The boardwalk is filled with unique shopping options, with stores offering everything from beach toys to souvenirs to Ocean City-labeled goods. Fisherman’s Cove, located at 1300 Boardwalk, offers beach-themed items of a wide array, perfect for your shore house or to take home with you as a souvenir.

Some of the must-have items you’ll find at Fisherman’s Cove include mugs, home décor pieces, boogie boards, rafts, lovely shell wind chimes and even hermit crabs! Fisherman’s Cove is a wonderful spot to visit for all of your necessities (even if stocking up for next summer) and a place where you’ll find enticing items which you simply can’t resist.

Best of all, Fisherman’s Cove is having a great sale right now, with many in-store items available at a discount for 20-40% off of the original price.

Visit Fisherman’s Cove and add some eye-catching pieces to your home or purchase some boogie boards for next season!


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