Planning Ahead: Ocean City Fall Block Party (Oct. 6)

In a few weeks, one of Ocean City’s most highly-anticipated events will be taking place: the Fall Block Party.

On Saturday, October 6, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., the Ocean City streets, from 5th to 14th Street along Asbury Avenue, will be filled with a wide array of artisan vendors, displaying unique handmade items and enticing food offerings. During this fun weekend, be prepared to do some serious shopping and eating, while enjoying the lovely weather which this time of year often provides. Live music at various locations throughout the block party will entertain the crowds, adding to the overall festive nature of this exceptional event.

More than 400 artisan vendors make this Fall Block Party a popular Ocean City event. It’s a great time to stroll down Asbury Avenue, purchasing unique handmade items and enjoying the food vendor offerings in between the shopping sprees which ultimately unfold.

The event is free to attend and all items are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. And, don’t forget to stop into the local shops and restaurants and show them some local love, as they, too, make this event an unforgettable one!

Later in the evening, look toward the sky for an awe-inspiring fireworks display, capping off the day’s events and providing the perfect ending to an incredible day.

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