Somers Point Brewing Company Making Excellent Progress on New Location

The Somers Point Brewing Company team has been making incredible progress with the future brewpub these last few months and hopes to open the doors at 705 West New York Avenue in Somers Point in early April.

Somers Point Brewing Company Beer Tanks

The hardworking staff at Somers Point Brewing Company has been checking items off of their list and completing the plentiful tasks they need to finish prior to opening the new brewing company. Some of the progress which has been made includes the following:

  • Moved the original Somers Point Ice Company sign from the outside of the building to the interior. Somers Point Brewing Company will be located in the former Somers Point Ice Company building.
  • Installed the new tap handles, courtesy of BlackFishBrewing.
  • Installed the taproom lighting and glycol piping.
  • Installed the back bar countertop and backsplash, which is an eye-catching multi-colored wood motif.
  • Installed the beer tanks and additional equipment in the brew house.

Somers Point Brewing Company Interior Backsplash

All of this new progress is in addition to the prior steps completed, such as the HVAC system being set up, interior doors being installed, exterior of the building being painted and more.

As the Somers Point Brewing Company crew keeps working on the various aspects of the building tasks, the final step is to have all of the necessary paperwork and licensing in order before the doors can open.

Somers Point Brewing Company Tap Handles

It’s hopeful that an April opening may occur, once all of the items on the checklist are crossed off. Keep checking back to for updates and be sure to visit the Somers Point Brewing Company Facebook page and Instagram account for the latest information as well.

Congratulations to the Somers Point Brewing Company team on the wonderful progress being made and we can’t wait to sip some refreshing Somers Point brews in the very near future!

Photos credit: Somers Point Brewing Company

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