Drip N’ Scoop Caters to the Sweet Treat and Caffeine-Loving Crowd at the New Location at The Flanders Hotel

The historic Flanders Hotel has been serving the lodging needs of guests since 1923. Now, guests of this iconic Ocean City establishment will have access to another wonderful amenity: the addition of Drip N’ Scoop!

Drip N’ Scoop opened its second Ocean City location earlier this month at The Flanders Hotel, located at 719 E. 11th Street. The opening of the newest Drip N’ Scoop expands the eatery’s offerings to hotel guests, but that’s not all who can take advantage of the menu items sold there. The recently-opened shop offers donuts, ice cream, coffee beverages, and more to all individuals who visit. From passersby along Ocean Avenue to boardwalk strollers who have a sudden craving for refreshing waffles and ice cream and a cold nitro brew, Drip N’ Scoop welcomes all to stop in and purchase their favorite food and beverage items.

Drip N Scoop Counter (600x800)

The entrance to Drip N’ Scoop at The Flanders Hotel is conveniently located on the lower level of the hotel along 11th Street, directly off of Ocean Avenue. As you walk into the lower lobby area, you’ll find the path to sensational donuts, unique ice cream offerings, and bountiful coffee options right in front of you.

Walk up to the counter and peruse the sweet treat and coffee options. On the day I stopped in, I was greeted with visions of 8 tempting donut choices and 11 ice cream flavors. The donut selection and ice cream flavors will continually rotate, in order to keep the options unique and exciting! There are other sweet delicacies for sale as well, including scones, muffins, and lemon pound cake, brought in daily from Dead End Bakehouse.

Drip N Scoop Donut CAse (600x800)

Some of the donut offerings you might find at Drip N’ Scoop when you stop in include M&M, vanilla Oreo, chocolate and vanilla sprinkle, and lemon poppyseed. As for the ice cream options, Moose Tracks, mint chip, peach, and salted caramel pretzel are a few varieties which may be on display.

Drip N Scoop Ice Cream (800x600)

In order to satiate your craving for caffeine-laden beverages, Drip N’ Scoop offers hot coffee, lattes, cold brew, and nitro brew. Whether you like your coffee “as is” or fixed up with some sweet flavors, Drip N’ Scoop has the perfect coffee beverage for you to enjoy.

Drip N Scoop Juice and Water (800x600)

For the non-coffee lovers of the crowd, don’t worry! Drip N’ Scoop offers a wide array of juices and still and sparkling waters to quench your thirst. Alongside the items in the juice and water case, you can also pick up fruit and yogurt parfaits and fruit bowls, which are delivered daily from Dead End Bakehouse.

After you have decided on one or more delicious Drip N’ Scoop items, you can take your food and beverages to-go or sit at one of the lovely tables set up in the lower lobby area right outside of the Drip N’ Scoop entrance.

Drip N Scoop lobby (600x800)

If you have yet to visit Drip N’ Scoop at their newest location, now is the perfect time to do so! Hours of operation are 7 a.m.–10 p.m. daily.