Plan Your Next Dining Trip to Kessel’s Korner ASAP

You walk into Kessel’s Korner out of the humid summer air and are craving a refreshing made-to-order milkshake. Not only will you find this cold, welcome beverage crafted from quality Breyer’s ice cream but a wide array of additional menu items as well.

Kessels Korner Chocolate Milkshake (800x800)

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as those in-between-meal sweet treats, Kessel’s Korner offers a bevy of culinary offerings. The Ocean City eatery, located at 2760 Asbury Avenue, is the perfect spot to bring the family for a meal or impromptu dessert. Some of the menu items include fried egg, pork roll, and cheese breakfast sandwich; pancakes; French toast; cheesesteak; tuna salad sandwich; crispy chicken wrap; chicken salad platter; hamburger; and, so much more. Add in the dessert offerings of hand-dipped ice cream, milkshakes, and ice cream sodas, all of the Breyer’s variety, and you have all of your meals covered at Kessel’s.

Kessels Korner Onion Rings (600x800)

The food isn’t the only thing which will draw you in at Kessel’s Korner. The casual and nostalgic seat-your-self interior will draw you back to an iconic era and the staff will make you feel welcome as soon as you enter the restaurant. Just remember to bring some cash along with you, as this is a cash-only establishment. Should you forget, there’s an ATM machine at the front to help you out with your purchase.

Kessels Korner Chicken Wrap (600x800)

Kessel’s Korner is open daily from 8 a.m.–10 p.m.