Downtown Pilates to Host Posture for Performers Event

Downtown Pilates of Ocean City just announced its upcoming Posture for Performers event set to unfold this August.

Downtown Pilates owner Jessica Amoroso will be joining forces with her husband Rich, a violinist with The Philadelphia Orchestra, to offer a combination pilates class and Q&A session series. The Posture for Performers series will consist of two mat pilates classes with Jessica each week followed by a Q&A session with Rich. Each class will be 45 minutes and be tailored specifically for musicians and performers.

The four week series will take place throughout the month of August via Zoom, so you can enjoy pilates classes and have all of your posture for performers questions answered in the comfort of your own home. Plus, you’ll have access to recordings so that you can replay them at any time to refresh and receive continual instruction.

Knowing the right way to stand and hold your posture will work wonders when it’s time for you to hit the stage and perform. In addition to commanding the attention of the audience, the class will also teach you techniques to help you avoid injuries as a result of improper posture and movement. When you sign up for this series, you can rest assured that you’ll acquire a wealth of knowledge and helpful techniques simply by working with these extraordinary professionals in their individual fields.

The classes will be held Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:30 a.m. and the cost is $99 for the class series, which includes the pilates instruction, Q&A sessions, access to class replays, and a resistance band.

If you’re a performer, musician, or any other individual who often finds themselves in front of a crowd, learn how to improve your performance and sign up for this class today!

Photo credit: Downtown Pilates